To ensure that all people live in a state of dignity, sharing and participating in all elements of living in the community.


Provide quality services and supports to confirm this quality by becoming an accredited organization.

Help individuals achieve outcomes related to identity, autonomy, affiliation, attainment, safeguards, rights, and health and wellness.

Engage families and advocates, recognizing that there are limits to the supports the Association can offer.

Encourage families to make a commitment to the Association.

Collaborate with other community organizations.

Organizing Principles

All persons are entitled to respect and dignity.

Create yearly action plans to guide staff actions. Ensure they are implemented. Plans must be clearly stated and identify who is responsible.

Communicate clearly and effectively.

Demonstrate appreciation and respect for all.

Emphasize facilitative role for staff.

Promote personal growth and development.

  • Community Living Ontario
  • Canadian Association for Community Living
  • Ministry of Community and Social Services