Yoga Now Used To Help Treat ASD January 30, 2012

Anyone who has ever tried yoga knows that its benefits are many and varied. But few people know that yoga can do more for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), in particular, children.

Originating in Hong Kong in the Autism Partnership School, several yoga schools around the world, including the USA and Canada, have started using yoga to assist children with ASD and have noticed dramatic improvements in various areas of their lives.

One of the biggest ways the yoga seems to help is the consistency of the practice. The children arrive the same time to the same room every week and were given the same instructor(s) for each class and practice a consistent routine.

The muted tones of yoga also play a huge role in the success of the programs. Since many of those with ASD suffer from hypersensitive nerves and over stimulation, the neutral colours, soft music and voices, dim lights, and gentle movements are a welcome reprieve from the chaos of the everyday world.

But the benefits of a weekly yoga routine extend beyond the yoga mat into the real world as well. Yoga improves their motor skills, develops self-awareness, and helps both the children and their parents learn coping techniques, such as deep breathing, to use in stressful situations. It also helps improve social skills and confidence by teaching self-control and self-calming.

Though still a very new practice, the idea of teaching ASD children yoga is starting to rise as more and more parents turn to natural method the ease their children’s discomfort. Who knew a simple sun salutation could have such a huge influence on the life of a child?

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