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Customized Employment

A new approach in creating employment opportunities for people who have a disability.



What is Customized Employment?

Customized Employment (CE)will minimize practices that compare individuals with disabilities to others in the workplace. CE will conduct non-traditional employment processes that will match individuals who have a disability with community employers.

Job proposals can be casual, term, piecework, part-time or permanent in nature, depending on the needs of the employer.

How Does the New Approach Work?

  • CE staff will develop job proposals tailored to the needs of the employer that match with the interest and skills of the job seeker.

  • Job proposals will include:
    • Assessment of business requirements
    • Identification of non-urgent tasks that business’s frequently require assistance with
    • Identify the skills the job seeker has in order to be a good fit for the job.

Difference between Supported and Customized Employment?

Customized Employment (CE) represents the natural evolution of Supported Employment (SE).

¡        Supported Employment - Local job market dictates the employment sought.

Customized Employment – Individual’s interest based, Job negotiation is involved.

Customized Employment Matching Ideologies

Using a “Template Strategy” (Discovery Template & Business Needs Assessment Template)

¡        The Applicant’s skills, interests and conditions – their contributions - for employment are presented to the prospective employer for consideration.

¡        The Employer’s needs provide the basis for the applicant’s contributions to be considered as an overlay or template. A customized job description can then be negotiated.

¡        Lining up the template:

¡       The applicant’s contributions are considered in relation to the employer’s needs. 

¡       The negotiation process involves creating an understanding on the part of the employer that the applicant’s unique contributions are matched to bona fide employer needs much like lining up tasks on a transparent overlay to an original.

¡      Template Strategy is used not only for matching, it is also used for voluntary negotiation.


Voluntary Negotiation

¡       Once an employer has agreed to discuss an individualized job description for the candidate, the CE staff will present the job proposal.

¡       The employer may accept, discuss modifications or reject the proposals.

¡       If the proposal is not accepted, a discussion with the employer may result in a different job description that is satisfactory to both parties


Benefits of Participating in This Approach

Did You Know:

  • That individuals with disabilities demonstrate average or above average performance in jobs they are suited to?
  • Individuals are ready, willing and able to work at many different types of jobs?
  • There is strong evidence that employing disabled individuals has a proven positive effect on staff morale?

Employment partners will be able to demonstrate diversity in their workplace, reduce advertisement and recruitment costs, improve customer relations and promote social responsibility. These are just a few of the long term sustainable benefits of customized employment.

Employer Assistance:

  • Support from CE staff to facilitate the individual’s success on the job, while natural supports are developing in the workplace.
  • Employer/employee training for participant/job seekers.
  • CE staff will monitor the progress of the individual.
  • Employers who wish to participate, will receive recognition for their participation through our newsletters, on our website in promotional materials, as well as being recognized in our employer events.

Access to useful resources in order to sustain long term success for all participants

Customization is for Everyone…

¡         Ask Yourself:

        Have you ever successfully customized the requirements of a job for yourself?

¡        What work conditions would you like to customize for a new job?

¡        What are your strongest preferences?

¡        What are your best contributions?

¡     What tasks do you do well?

¡     Is there a particular employer you would like to work for?

Everyone Customizes…

¡        Most employees, soon after landing a “competitive job”, begin subtly customizing the features of that job to meet their individual needs.

¡        Customized Employment simply seeks to start the process before the job is developed, in upfront negotiations with employers.


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