Executive Committee

Much of the work done on the Board is done through the committee process. Each Board Member is asked to serve on at least one committee and attendance is critical. There are several different types of committees involved with Community Living Fort Frances and District. They are the Personnel Committee, Public Relations Committee, Planning and Development/Finance Committee, and the Services Committee. A synopsis of each follows.

Personnel Committee – This committee is responsible for proposing personnel policies and guidelines to the board. They are involved with steps 3 and 4 of the grievance procedure, and the arbitration process when necessary. They negotiate on behalf of CLFFD with CUPE and prepare records of current Board members. They also submit names of candidates for Board membership and organize annual elections.

Public Relations Committee – The major responsibilities of this committee are to develop short and long-term fund raising goals to meet the financial needs of CLFFD while involving the community and enhancing community awareness of CLFFD and its goals. They offer alternative leisure opportunities and programs for developing fitness, motor skills and self esteem for the individual with a developmental handicap.

They also integrate individuals with developmental handicaps into the community and work with other organizations that have similar objectives, such as the Ontario Special Olympics. They work to keep the surrounding public informed of the organization’s programs and goals through community membership programs and regular newsletters, and submit a committee budget annually or as requested by the Board of Directors.

Planning and Development/Finance Committee – The duties of this committee revolve around developing long and short term plans for the CLFFD. They will assist in the production, development, and organization of the CLFFD’s private and public funds, as well as their other capital and liquid assets. They review on a continuing basis the organization’s objective and recommend schedules of goals. They are responsible for identifying financial and administrative problems and recommending solutions to the Board.

They also promote and support recommendations which ensure appropriate utilization of scarce resources. Finally, they recommend requests for loans from other CLFFD committees, and approve and monitor the Administrative Budget of the organization.

Services Committee – This committee’s obligations include reviewing and directing proposed program development through the service planning process. They prioritize long and short term goals, and promote and support the provision of individualized services for individuals with a developmental handicap. They identify problems in program delivery and recommend solutions, and serve as the admissions committee on behalf of CLFFD’s programs. They also remain aware of individuals in the community with a developmental handicap and make provisions for their assimilation into the organization.

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